The Cline Avenue Bridge is an “all electronic” toll facility (meaning no stopping at a toll booth) and is designed to provide users with a smooth and easy drive. Electronic toll collection allows traffic to flow faster and helps reduce fuel consumption by eliminating the need to fully stop when driving on a tolled highway or bridge. 


Establishing an account with an E-ZPass or I-PASS transponder will be the fastest and lowest cost option to pay your tolls on the new Cline Avenue Bridge. Sensors have been placed on an overhead structure to read the transponder and capture an image of the vehicle’s license plate. This electronic form of payment for your tolls is also used on the neighboring Indiana Toll Road, Chicago Skyway, and Illinois Tollway.


Vehicles without a valid, funded, and appropriately registered E-ZPass or I-PASS account will be sent a notice by mail. The system will capture the license plate number and a toll invoice will be sent to the vehicle’s registered owner. 


NOTE: If the transponder is absent from the vehicle, improperly mounted, or undetected for any other reason, the system will attempt to match the license plate to an E-ZPass or
I-PASS account before mailing an invoice. Therefore, it is important for the vehicle’s license plate to be added and appropriately updated on the E-ZPass or I-PASS account.