Cline Avenue Bridge Named Project of the Year

March 16, 2020

Cline Avenue Bridge, LLC proudly announces that the Cline Avenue Bridge was named 2020 Project of the Year by the Indiana Ready Mixed Concrete Association. Each year, the Association bestows multiple Outstanding Concrete Project awards. To win Project of the Year, candidates must go above and beyond by demonstrating remarkable innovation, uniqueness, complexity, and magnitude. 

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Cline Avenue Bridge Emerging on the Horizon

February 26, 2020

Cline Avenue Bridge, LLC, just marked another milestone by securing the 343rd concrete segment in its place within the bridge. With the erection of this segment, one of 685, the bridge is now intact from the west end up to the Indiana Harbor and Ship Canal, making it more than halfway finished and steadily advancing towards completion. 

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Cline Avenue Bridge Provides Update to Congressional Staff

November 22, 2019 

Cline Avenue Bridge, LLC welcomed staff members from Indiana’s Region congressional representatives at their facility on November 18. The visit provided an opportunity for representatives to learn about the project and how this public-private partnership is playing a vital role in improving local transportation infrastructure. 

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Cline Avenue Bridge Moves Closer to Completion After Achieving Another Construction Milestone

November 13, 2019 

Cline Avenue Bridge, LLC announces the completion of a construction milestone: all 685 concrete segments that will comprise the bridge’s driving deck are now complete, and over 270 have been erected since March 2019. This achievement further demonstrates that a significant portion of behind-the-scenes work is finished and that the project is well on its way. 
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Cline Avenue Bridge Commits $3 Million for Public Roadway Improvements

September 24, 2019

Cline Avenue Bridge, LLC announces that it has committed $3 million to the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) for improvements to Indiana State Road 912. Also known as Cline Avenue, this route extends east and west of their bridge’s property. Work is currently underway and encompasses roughly two-and-a-half miles of INDOT roadway. 

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Cline Avenue Bridge Achieves Construction Milestone

August 9, 2019

Cline Avenue Bridge, LLC, the private company rebuilding East Chicago’s Cline Avenue Bridge, announces that it has erected the first 100 segments that will comprise the bridge’s superstructure, which is the portion that sits atop the columns and includes the driving surface. It will take 685 segments to form the completed bridge, and this milestone marks that progress is well on its way. 

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