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What is electronic toll collection?

Electronic toll collection is an automatic way to collect tolls through a device called a transponder. When you pass underneath the toll gantry, the transponder is read and your account is debited with the toll amount.


Without a toll plaza, how would I pay the toll?

The new Cline Avenue Bridge will accept E-ZPass and I-PASS to maximize convenience for consumers and deliver the lowest travel fee. Vehicles without a registered E-ZPass or I-PASS will be mailed an invoice for their travel fees to the address on file with the Bureau of Motor Vehicles. Multi-axle trucks and vehicles with trailers will be charged based on the number of axles.


There is no toll plaza to slow traffic. Each transaction will be photographed for accuracy and transaction verification.

The tolling gantry is located at the bridge's west end near the Riley Road entrance.


Are there extra fees to travel during primary commuting hours?

No – all posted rates are valid 24/7 with no additional fees for morning or evening commuting hours.


If I don't have an E-ZPass/I-PASS or Pay by Mail account, will I get a ticket for crossing the bridge?

No cash, no problem! All vehicles are welcomed on the new Cline Avenue Bridge. E-ZPass and I-PASS offers the lowest travel rates, but vehicles without an active transponder will receive an invoice for tolls during travel within a few weeks after crossing.

Will cash payments be accepted?

There are no toll booths for cash payments. This is an "open road" tolling facility, meaning there will be no stopping at toll booths. The payment options are either E-ZPass, I-PASS or Pay by Mail (invoice in the mail).


Where is the toll gantry located?

The toll collection equipment is located on the overhead gantry west of the bridge crossing over the Indiana Harbor and Ship Canal, just west of the Riley Road onramp. There is only one tolling point on the bridge for both directions.


What is the speed limit through the toll gantry?

The speed limit does not change as you travel underneath the toll gantry. It remains at 45 mph from beginning to end of the Cline Avenue Bridge.


Why will the Cline Avenue Bridge be tolled?

The roadway has been developed as a toll road due to a lack of transportation funding from traditional state and federal sources. The construction, operation, and maintenance of the facility is wholly funded by the tolls collected.


When did toll collection begin?

Tolling collection began on February 1, 2021. Visit the Toll Info page for a complete list of current and past toll rates.​

What is the toll rate?

Visit the Toll Info page for a complete list of current and past toll rates.​

Will the toll rates change?

Toll rates are subject to change; typically, rate updates occur annually at the start of the year.


What if I don't have an E-ZPass or I-PASS?

If you do not have an E-ZPass or I-PASS and your vehicle crosses the toll gantry, you will be charged the Pay by Mail rate. The license plate image that is captured by the overhead cameras is used to obtain the vehicle owner information from the Department of Motor Vehicles of the state where the vehicle is registered. It is strongly suggested users get an E-ZPass/I-PASS transponder for the lowest rate.


Why is the toll more expensive if I do not have an E-ZPass/I-PASS?

There are additional administrative costs to process Pay by Mail transactions. These added costs are included in the Pay by Mail rate. It is strongly suggested that drivers get an E-ZPass/I-PASS transponder for the lowest rate.


I traveled the bridge with my E-ZPass but the toll isn't listed on my
E-ZPass account. Why not?

It can take up to 48 hours for Cline Avenue Bridge transactions to post to your E-ZPass account.


What if someone else was driving my vehicle?

If you are paying the toll via Pay by Mail, an invoice will be mailed to the registered owner of the vehicle as recorded by the Department of Motor Vehicles. (It is important to keep your information up to date with the Department of Motor Vehicles.) If someone else was driving the vehicle, the registered owner will be liable for the tolls and fees.


I have a valid E-ZPass/I-PASS but the tolling system still took my picture. Will I be double charged?

All Cline Avenue Bridge transactions are recorded by the video capture system for verification. If you have a valid E-ZPass/I-PASS with available funds, you will only be billed for your trip at the current E-ZPass/I-PASS rate.


If you feel that you received an invoice in error, please verify that your E-ZPass/I-PASS account was in good standing and that your license plate was properly listed on your E-ZPass/I-PASS account on the date and time of the toll(s).


If I follow closely behind another vehicle or travel on the shoulder, can the cameras still record my license information?

Yes, the electronic tolling equipment incorporates multi-angle camera images which capture all vehicles in all lanes, including shoulders, to determine their class, read E-ZPass/I-PASS transponders and capture license plate numbers.


I went through the toll with my E-ZPass/I-PASS but my account did not have sufficient funds. Will I be charged the full toll amount? 

Yes, if you did not have sufficient funds in your E-ZPass/I-PASS account at the time of travel, the registered owner will be mailed an invoice for the Pay by Mail rate for each toll.


If I register multiple license plates on my E-ZPass/I-PASS account, do I have to have the transponder in my vehicle every time I drive through the toll facility?

E-ZPass/I-PASS customers are required to have their transponder properly mounted in their vehicle when going through a toll facility. However, we will attempt to deduct the toll from your E-ZPass/I-PASS account using your license plate information.


To ensure the toll can be deducted from your E-ZPass/I-PASS account, please register the license plate information for each of your vehicles and maintain a positive balance in your account. It is strongly recommended that each vehicle using a toll facility regularly has its own transponder.


How long does it take for the toll to be processed to my
E-ZPass/IPASS account? Can I add the plate information or funds after I travel?

The E-ZPass/I-PASS must be properly updated with license plate information, and have enough funds to cover the toll, at the time of travel. Adding funds to your balance or making updates to the license plate information after the travel date/time, will not retroactively process the toll to your E-ZPass/I-PASS account.


I didn't receive my invoice, or it was mailed to another address. Why?

Department of Motor Vehicles database services are utilized to identify vehicle registration information based on the license plate number used to cross the bridge. The invoices are mailed via the United States Postal Service to the registered owner of the vehicle using the address provided by the DMV. It is each owner’s responsibility to ensure vehicle registration data is accurate and up to date to facilitate timely invoicing. 


Note: Drivers of leased vehicles and members of the military may have invoices sent to the leasing company or home of record address if that is the address provided by the DMV.


I received an invoice in the mail. How do I pay it? 


Pay online:

Pay by mail:     Cline Avenue Bridge

                          PO Box 855338

                          Minneapolis, MN 55485-5338

Pay by phone:  Toll Free 800-733-7795 (M-F 8am-6pm CT)


What happens if I don't pay my invoice? 

  • In accordance with Indiana Code 9-21-3.5-14(b), the registered owner of the vehicle is responsible for payment of the specified tolls and fees.

  • First Invoice – No Fee

  • Second Invoice/Toll Violation Notice – Previous Unpaid Balance + $15.00 Violation Fee + Any New Tolls

  • Third Invoice/ Final Notice – Previous Unpaid Balance + Additional $20.00 Violation Fee + Any New Tolls

  • Day 93-95 AFTER non-payment – Referral to Collections and a 30% collections fee (based on any unpaid amounts)

    • Non-Payment may result in the suspension of Department of Motor Vehicles registration privileges.


What should I do if I receive an invoice that is not for my vehicle? 

Invoices are mailed to the registered owner of the vehicle at the time of the toll transaction. Please contact the Cline Avenue Bridge Customer Service Center to review any billing concern. Excluding most federal holidays, customer service representatives are available on weekdays from 8am to 6 pm CT by calling toll-free 800-733-7795.


You may also click on the Contact Us link on the Cline Avenue Bridge customer service website ( to send an email to the Customer Service Center.

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