What is electronic toll collection?

Electronic toll collection is an automatic way to collect tolls through a device called a transponder. When you pass underneath the toll gantry, the transponder is read and your account is debited with the toll amount.


Without a toll plaza, how would I pay the toll?

The new Cline Avenue Bridge (CAB) will accept E-ZPass to maximize convenience for consumers and deliver the lowest travel fee. Drivers without an E-ZPass also can register for a CAB pre-paid Pay-by-Plate account. Vehicles without a registered E-ZPass or Pay-by-Plate account will be mailed an invoice for their travel fees to the address on file with the Bureau of Motor Vehicles. Multi-axle trucks and vehicles with trailers will be charged based on the number of axles.


There is no toll plaza to slow traffic. Each transaction will be photographed for accuracy and transaction verification.


Do the toll cameras capture picture(s) of the drivers and/or passengers? How do you know who was driving the vehicle?

No, the toll cameras are narrowly focused on the front and rear bumper sections of the vehicle and used for license plate identification only. Although multiple images of each vehicle are collected from each crossing, the images do not capture any portion of the passenger cabin. Identification of the driver is not relevant to toll travel. The vehicle's registered owner is responsible for any toll charges incurred, so it will be important to keep your contact information current with the Bureau of Motor Vehicles.


Are there extra fees to travel during primary commuting hours?

No – all posted rates will be valid 24/7 with no additional fees for morning or evening commuting hours.


If I don't have an E-ZPass or Pay-by-Plate account, will I get a
ticket for crossing the bridge?

No cash, no problem! All vehicles are welcomed on the new Cline Avenue Bridge. E-ZPass offers the lowest travel fees, but vehicles without an E-ZPass or Pay-by-Plate account will receive a bill for travel fees within a few weeks after crossing.

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