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Whether your business owns an entire fleet or you run an independent rig, the new Cline Avenue Bridge is the shortcut you’ve been waiting for.

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  • Official Indiana Truck Route: Travel with the confidence that this route was designed with trucks in mind.

  • Reliability: Uncongested, free-flowing traffic saves you time, wear and tear, and fuel while facilitating more trips and adding to your bottom line.

  • Driving Dependability: As a privately owned bridge, we are committed to maintaining reliable driving conditions at all times.

  • Over-Height Vehicles Allowed: Max height on the bridge is 17'6" to    accommodate large loads and vehicles. 

  • Fixed-Span Design: No delays due to bridge lifts at the canal crossing.

  • All Electronic Tolling: Pay with your Bestpass, E-Z  Pass, I-PASS, or pay by plate and keep moving.

  • Growth-Based Rebate Programs: Available to qualified companies. Contact us below to see if your business qualifies.

Get in touch today to learn how we can save your business time, miles, and money.


All vehicles approved to travel on the federal highway system may traverse the Cline Avenue Bridge, but oversize or hazardous material loads must obtain a special travel permit in advance.

All special load permits are processed through Oxcart; visit to apply for the permit you need. Blanket load permits also may be available.


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