Whether your business owns an entire fleet or you run an independent rig, the new Cline Avenue Bridge is the shortcut you’ve been waiting for.

Trucker Headers.jpg


  • Official Indiana Truck Route: Travel with the confidence that this route was designed with trucks in mind.

  • Reliability: Uncongested, free-flowing traffic saves you time, wear and tear, and fuel while facilitating more trips and adding to your bottom line.

  • Driving Dependability: As a privately owned bridge, we are committed to maintaining reliable driving conditions at all times.

  • Over-Height Vehicles Allowed: Max height on the bridge is 17'6" to    accommodate large loads and vehicles. 

  • Fixed-Span Design: No delays due to bridge lifts at the canal crossing.

  • All Electronic Tolling: Pay with your Bestpass, E-Z  Pass, I-PASS, or pay by plate and keep moving.


All vehicles approved to travel on the federal highway system may traverse the Cline Avenue Bridge, but oversize or hazardous material loads must obtain a special travel permit in advance. Click the permit link(s) below to apply.


Oversize Permit

Overweight Permit